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The new is in, the old has to go. Salsa classes,

redefined! We don’t just Salsa & Bachata, we are a

growing family of students that get together every Sunday to learn something new! Our Sunday classes are unlike any another, guaranteed.


Here are very unique differences besides our awesome amenities:

  • Our Sunday class students stay behind after class for a mini social to practice what they just learned. Let’s turn up!

  • We keep you updated. Our website is building so much goodies like, a Sunday class library of all of our class just in case you miss class, a directory of other dance classes around L.A, instructors, social events, festivals & more


 We give back to our dance community!


If you are a professional dancer and/or don’t need our Sunday classes, you can still come party with our members every last Friday of the month with our famous "Rumba Friday" social (for members only) with a donation to our Dancer's Club. Receive a gift ticket to give away or use yourself.

Everyone agrees this is a great vision to contribute back to our Community


Rumba Fridays

Free Rumba Friday, a Salsa & Bachata Party for members only "Every Last Friday"

Salsa Sundays

Free 2-4pm Salsa Crash Course with Jimmy Rumba & Lucas Prats "Every Sunday"


Yes, free giveaways on Club Rumba merchandise & some exciting gifts

Upcoming Events

Stay connected with our social media for our new upcoming event for members only

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